01 October 2009

And It Could All Be Over – Just… Like… That!

A few days ago, I had an experience that made me realize how important this journey is to me.

I was riding my bicycle on the W & OD bike trail when one bad decision nearly ended everything I have been working toward. I had a bike accident that could have easily killed me. Thanks to my guardian angle, I am still here and my journey has taken on a different meaning.

I’ve taken for granted how easy my transition has been. Though I am separated from my wife, living in a new home, without my kids, I am very fortunate. My wife is still one of my best friends. My kids – though they struggle with what I am doing, still love me. The rest of my family still loves me and my transition is creating a beautiful relationship that was lost between my sister and me.

When my bike and I did a summersault, and I landed on my head and crushed the helmet I was wearing, it brought everything into perspective. The thought that went through my head when everything slowed down was… It can’t end this way. I haven’t finished this journey. This wouldn’t have happened before. I probably would have been happy to see the suffering to end; I would have looked forward to moving on to my next life.

Sooo… When I got sired today while picking up my Rx from the local pharmacy, I kept the events of a few days ago in mind. In my best voice possible, I said… Sweetie, do I look like a sir to you? She quickly apologized in a very sincere way. At the end of the transaction, she smiled, thanked me and wished me a good evening.

Though these times can be hard and it’s often so easy to get upset about the smallest slight, remember… It could all be over – just… like… that!

- Brookie

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